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CRANKY is your mentor? I'm saying this because I know him and he's really chill

He is! I only get to see him every once in a while though because we both work lots :[

Ouija Rant and Safety Shpeel [PLEASE READ & REBLOG]









I’ve seen a couple posts today about Ouija boards, mostly people annoyed by those of us who will tell you not to use them. I don’t care if I lose followers because I’m warning you idiots against the dangers of Ouija, Black and Necromantic Magick and the Satanic Occult.

Do not fucking use Ouija

The amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this is hilarious.

If you burn it, it will scream? LMAO

Yes, if there is still anything or anyone attached to the board. Clearly you’ve never burnt one still considered ‘home’ to a Demon or anything else.

i would pay to see that. hawt

OP, witches never go head first into Ouija use. We take precaution and take protective measures when using them. It’s better to do that than be sorry.

As a spirit worker, this post is hilarious. Satanic Occult? Ooooo so spoopy.

That’s why I posted all the little important tidbits altogether, so it would be easier for anyone, including witches to find some important information if they were searching Tumblr for answers. 

Ah, I never said Ouija was just used in Satanic Occult, but it is popular. As somebody who has done their research, had their own experiences, and is the child of an ex-Satanist/Occultist, I’m confident in the information I have given. 

I’m not going to get into this with someone - and I really don’t mean this in a rude or offensive tone - who thinks they are connecting to anything benevolent through a Ouija board. I have my beliefs and you have yours.

There is a huge difference between sharing your beliefs and spreading misinformation and shaming peoples practices purely because of your “experiences” .

I would like to add one thing—you CAN burn the Ouija board to close the gate. 

I’m not saying it’s for everyone and if it is not in your beliefs you probably shouldn’t do it. So, to an extent I do agree with the OP on not burning the board.

If you can burn the board, it is a very effective way to destroy the gate. By can I mean gathering the herbs and mixing them, closing whatever gates that started to open in the house/where you performed, enchanting your fire pit, creating a barrier, and thoroughly reducing it to ashes. It is a lot to do if you want to burn it, and that’s the point I don’t suggest it being for everyone.

Here’s some tips for when you burn it:

1. You need someone who is able to hold the gate closed (physically holding the Ouija board as you transport it) with their energy and not be influenced; throw those mixed herbs on top frequently to make it easier on yourself. It helps keep the entities trying to force through at bay.

2. DO NOT USE YOUR FIREPLACE. Buy a cheap fire pit and, if you’re comfortable with it, you can do it in your backyard. 

3. Enchant and fucking rune the shit out of that fire pit. Set up some barriers around it. 

4. Have someone strong enough to keep the fire in. When that board starts to burn, anything in that gate is gonna be PISSED so its going to throw flames in your direction.

5. Buy A LOT of fuel. It takes a while for it to be reduced to ashes and will even stop burning if you leave it. Be sure to watch it and keep throwing that shit on.

You ARE going to hear it scream, you will see awesome flashy colors, and, yes, it will attempt to attack you with fire.

You probably don’t want to make BBQ on it after.

If you want more information on burning the Ouija board, send a message to me or my mentor, crankywarlock.

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